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The Surprising $9 Gadget That Makes Any Hotel (or Airbnb) Stay Better — Shopping

Last year, I quit my day job to spend six months traveling across Europe while freelancing. (Read: How Cutting My Food Budget Helped Me Quit My Full-Time Job.) In the weeks before my departure, I hit discount stores to assemble a kitchen survival kit for life on the road. With all the uncertainties, I knew cooking would be a grounding activity. I also knew I’d need to save money instead of eating out all the time.

Before I left, I packed a one-gallon zip-top bag with a mini chef’s knife, a corkscrew, a sandwich box, spoon and fork, and a microwave egg cooker. I threw the bag in my checked luggage and headed on my way. By the end of the trip, only the chef’s knife and egg cooker remained. Turns out, the other items were not necessary. The egg cooker, however, was a life-saver.


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