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Recipe: Grilled Rice Krispies Treats — Recipes from The Kitchn

An empty pantry is the mother of invention, right? On a warm evening a few summers ago I promised my daughter s’mores, forgetting that I had used the marshmallows the day before for making Rice Krispies treats for a family picnic. I had the grill primed for roasting those marshmallows and panicked when I opened the pantry to find no ‘mallows in sight.

In a moment of pure desperation I threw a few of the leftover Rice Krispies treats on the hot grill and then topped the slightly charred squares with shaved chocolate. The results were nothing short of magical. The Rice Krispies treats charred slightly on the outside, making them crispier and chewier, while the interior became soft and gooey. Honestly, they didn’t even need the chocolate.

This moment of panic has since become my most beloved backyard barbecue treat and something I look forward to making again each summer.


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