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Our Very Favorite Spray Bottle for Cleaning in the Kitchen — Shopping

If you’re into making your own household cleaners, you’re going to need a spray bottle. Whether you’re a fan of vinegar, a Castile soap mixture, or something else, having a way to distribute your solution in a convenient way is key. Enter: the spray bottle. A sturdy, medium-sized spray bottle gives you a vessel to mix up as much cleaning solution as you need and easily use it through your home.

Finding the right one is tricky, though. First of all, size matters. Too small, and you’ll be mixing up solutions again and again. Too big, and it becomes unwieldy to use. And while there are plenty of plastic options out there, a glass bottle is often preferable for its resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

With that, we bring you our favorite spray bottle, which also happens to be a top-rated option on Amazon.


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