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How To Make the Best Gluten-Free Crisp Topping — Easy Dessert Recipes

Having a freezer full of crisp or crumble topping is like having a dessert secret weapon. It allows you to turn any fresh fruit (or hey, even thawed frozen fruit) into an after-dinner treat without dirtying more than one bowl. Our traditional crisp and crumble toppings freeze incredibly well, but since you never know when a gluten-free guest might drop by, I highly suggest keeping both on hand. (Just label them clearly!)

This crisp topping doesn’t have any special flours in it and can be made entirely from pantry staples that you’re likely to have on hand. It bakes up toasty with a delightful chew, and you can easily adapt it to a more crumble-like texture without much more effort. Here’s everything you need to know about making a gluten-free crisp that you can memorize and know by heart.


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