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Frozen Food Sales Are Up for the First Time in 5 Years, Thanks to Millennials. (We're Not Surprised.) — Grocery Trends

“Give (frozen) peas a chance.” When I was a kid, my mom had the coolest way to get us to eat our veggies: She’d pack frozen peas. Wherever we went — whether it was in the car, to school, or even to the movies — the three of us toted around little plastic containers filled with frozen peas. We were obsessed.

In hindsight the weirdness is evident (does anyone else do that?), but also ingenious on my mom’s part. Frozen peas are nutritious, perfect for on-the-go snacking, and easy-peasy — all thanks to the magic of the freezer aisle.

However, when you looked beyond those magical peas, the freezer aisle of my youth didn’t have much for the food-lover — basic vegetables (always cubed!) and colorless TV dinners. But oh how things have changed. The number-one rated customer product at Trader Joe’s for the last two years comes from the freezer aisle. Frozen brands are jumping on the smartest healthy-eating ideas, like the cauliflower trend — creating cruciferous pizzas, french fries, and tater tots.

Suddenly, when we weren’t looking, the grocery store freezer aisle started giving shoppers (especially us young millennials) exactly what they actually want. Here are a few reasons the freezer aisle is having a comeback moment.


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