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A Mom's 12 Must-Haves for a Stocked Summer Freezer — Tips from The Kitchn

As a kid, my summertime food fantasy was to have a chest freezer brimming with Hot Pockets, Swan’s frozen food treats, and ice cream cones. Our actual summer fridge was more like a few bags of Otter Pops and some frozen chicken breasts, so I spent a lot of time trying to get invited over to friends’ houses whose parents did get Swan’s deliveries (and had a pool!)

Now as a parent myself, I realize what a valuable tool my freezer will be this summer. It’ll help me feed hungry kids between summer camps, host neighborhood kids for cookouts and the occasional slip-and-slide afternoon, and, of course, enjoy the occasional summer stoop Popsicle myself. Here are the 12 must-haves I’m keeping stocked in my freezer this summer.


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