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5 Things Everyone Needs to Stop Doing in the Produce Section — Strong Opinions

I’m not sure I’ve ever been screamed at in public the way I was in a small grocery store on the outskirts of Berlin. I had no idea what the woman was saying, but it came out of her mouth in one angry unbroken paragraph — and the fact that she was yelling in German just made her sound more mad.

There was nothing I could do except stand there dumbly holding a mango and waiting for her to finish. Apparently the mango was the problem: I later learned that some German shop owners take serious offense to anyone who helps themselves to the fruits and veggies instead of waiting for them to pick it up for you.

Assaulting the fruit in a misguided attempt to find the ripe one is number one on our list of things you need to stop doing in the produce section — yes, even in the States. Put down that apple — gently! — and check out my full rant-y list.


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